Buyer’s remorse

We all have had the feeling before. Especially when associated with the purchase of an expensive item. Once the adrenaline of being a new homeowner has faded away, doubt starts lurking around the corner and many questions start spooking your head. Frantically you start googling if the construction of a new airport or highway is planned in your backyard, how many times tornadoes hit the area over the past hundred years, if some millennia-old rocks in your soil might be radioactive, or how many mountain lions are roaming those hills. None, according to the NY State Department of Environmental Conservancy. At least a few, according to some blurry YouTube videos, taken by hands full of excitement, or, also possible, pure fear. Yes, it’s pretty clear you live in the city and that you bought a house in the wilderness. But hey, it is what it is and the next time you head upstate and find out that a tornado did not blow away your house, you realize you will have to get along with one another.

We were always happy to see each other back.

But we also agreed that you needed a huge plastic surgery on the inside.

Still, not to think about all that too much yet, there was that view, and some good local beers.

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