Welcome to our life in the Catskills. Like many others living in NYC, we fell in love with this bucolic part of New York during a trip upstate. Dreaming of a one million dollar view with a fraction of that budget, we started looking for a place in the summer of 2018. Half a year later we found the view, within budget, coming with a house screaming for an army of handymen and designers to come in. We are neither the first nor the second. Still, we did almost all of it ourselves. Now, one year later, we love to share our joy, and, -by moments- the frustration of this exciting journey. You will find posts on various topics including renovations (from installing hardwood floors to, oh yes, plumbing), wildlife in the mountains, the creation of a wildflower meadow, tidbits on the Catskills, the excitement of a prickly pear surviving the winter, making yogurt, or building a firepit. You can read more about the duo behind this journey on the About page.

Latest NEWS

Woodstock was not in Woodstock

What do brussels sprouts, bikinis, and tarantulas have in common with the legendary Woodstock festival? Let’s have a closer look at each and eliminate possible connections. Brussels sprouts. Feeding more than 450,000 visitors during the three days of the festival turned out to be a huge challenge; and although those miniature cabbages are quite nutritious,…

King of birds

After zooming into the most tiny in our first wildlife series, we continue with the most majestic. The bald eagle became the national emblem of the United States in 1782. It was estimated that back then at least 100,000 eagles were nesting across the country. Unfortunately the bird was nearly wiped out half a century…

Tonight we gon’ be it on the floor

J. Lo couldn’t be more right. We DID break a sweat on the floor. If you are still in doubt if installing hardwood floors is worth your sweat, and the bite out of your budget, then read what homeowners have to say on this topic according the 2017 Remodeling Impact Report of the National Association…

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